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Mulching 101: Lawn Care Draper, UT Specialists’ Guide

Summer is the best season to enjoy a hard year’s work and fully take advantage of your landscape. Besides spending long days and nights outdoors in a clean and healthy environment, you can also get some peace of mind surrounded by sparkling green vegetation and hypnotizing flower scents. But your own slice of Heaven needs as much protection as you can give it – summer also comes with various problems and draught is only the smallest of them. Extreme temperatures, pests, heat-loving diseases and weeds, wildlife and fertilization problems – these are all factors you need to consider during the summer season. Today, our lawn care Draper, UT specialists want to offer you a simple solution to many of these problems – mulch. Let’s see the main mulching principles and how you can easily employ them on your property.

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Where to Cultivate Fragrant Vegetation on Your Property: Landscaping Murray, UT Experts’ Tips

Not so long ago we talked about introducing colors to your overall landscape, so today we take things up a notch and discuss fragrance. Scented flowers, shrubs, trees and plants represent a miraculous addition to any property, no matter its size. If you enjoy your sparkling green lawn and you wish to fill your chest with fresh air and tantalizing natural scents, then you should consider adding fragrant plants around the property. Today, our landscaping Murray, UT specialists joined their lawn care Draper, UT colleagues and decided to give away some tips and advice on how to place fragrant vegetation around so you can benefit from it to the max.

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Preventative Lawn Management: Lawn Care Midvale, UT Experts’ Guide

Mid-spring and early summer lawn care activities may seem a bit overwhelming, as there are a lot of things to do and many issues to take care of. This is the season when everything blooms and develops, so you need to keep your eyes wide open and make sure your grasses, flowers, shrubs, trees and even vegetables get the proper treatment. If you want your lawn and property to look amazing all summer long, there are a few instructions you need to keep in mind – on the preventative side of things, of course. Our lawn care Midvale, UT experts together with their landscaping Riverton, UT colleagues have put together a short guide for you.

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Efficient Lawn Care Midvale, UT Tips and Tricks: Save Water and Money!

In many parts of the country, lawn watering turned from a regular lawn and landscape activity into a national environmental problem addressed by the authorities. The latest statistics show that the largest water consumption throughout the U.S. is linked to lawn watering and a single-family household spends incredible amounts of money on water bills. In the context of resource preservations and cutting down the lawn care budget, our lawn care Midvale, UT experts gathered their landscaping Lehi, UT colleagues and came up with a short guideline in smart watering. In other words, let’s see five tips and tricks on how you can keep your beautiful lush lawn without wasting water and money!

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Lawn Care Lehi, UT Experts on Spring Coloring: Revamp Your Property!

In spring, many homeowners get what specialists call “spring fever”, a feeling of enthusiasm, rush and excitement because they all entertain the idea of boosting their properties’ looks and beauty. And what better time of year than spring is there to revamp your front lawn and garden and add some landscaping elements here and there to turn the land into a glorious work of art? Our lawn care Lehi, UT specialists consider that any property, any lawn, and any landscape can be fully revamped by adding color to it. Color is meant to create focal points, to bring joy and to elicit the neighbors’ envy, among others. Today, we present you with five means of easily coloring your property and give it a fresh, attractive look, with the help of our lawn care Lehi, UT experts.

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5 Lawn Care Draper, UT Principles for Correct Spring Overseeding

Even if most specialists agree that overseeding should be done in early fall, around the month of September, our lawn care Draper, UT specialists consider that spring is an equally good season to employ this task – provided you start very early and give the seedlings enough time to develop strong roots before summer kicks in and damages them.

Many understand the importance of this task to both cover bare spots in their lawns and obtain thicker, stronger and healthier carpets of turf. But there are a few issues with spring overseeding that need to be addressed, our lawn care West Valley City, UT specialists say. This is why today our lawn care Draper, UT experts clearly present you with the most important 5 overseeding principles.
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SLC Lawn Services Launches New Website

Thanks to our many loyal customers, our company has grown, and so has our offering of services. We decided it was time for us to update our site in the hopes of making it easier for customers to find the information they need to make an informed decision when choosing a lawn service company.
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