Winter is not over yet and we might face plenty of snowfall and frost in the upcoming weeks. Property care is of outmost importance these days, as even if one thing goes wrong, the problems can cascade into thousands of dollars of damages. Our lawn maintenance Lehi UT pros, together with their colleagues are here today to remind you of five winter property care tips you should keep in mind at all times to make sure your lawn, hard surfaces and home are well protected until spring.

1. Apply Pre-Snow and Ice Organic Treatments

During dry days, use organic deicers to pre-treat hard surfaces against an upcoming snowfall or frost event. Such safe substances will allow less snow and frost to accumulate on your yard, driveway and walkways if used in between two snow / ice events. Moreover, such organic substances leave behind trace elements that will further protect the surfaces. In other words, next time you pre-treat your surfaces, you will need less material, thus saving you time, money and effort. Ask your lawn maintenance Lehi UT specialists about such pre-treatments and make sure you keep your lawn and garden safe as well.

2. Constantly Check Your Irrigation System

It’s no use in telling you how damaging a leaking or malfunctioning irrigation system can be for your property, especially if the pipes freeze and break. Ask your lawn maintenance Lehi UT experts to come together with their sprinkler repairs Lehi UT colleagues to perform regular inspections and to fix your irrigation system during the cold months.

3. Keep Your Property As Clean as Possible

Even if it is winter this doesn’t mean you don’t go outside or use your yard, driveway or walkways. However, no matter what you do, never leave behind objects lying around on the ground. Kids’ toys, garden tools, stray logs, pieces of furniture, containers, trash bins they all should be removed (or moved around regularly) from the ground. If such object is left behind it will become heavier (because of the snow covering it up) and thus harmful to the grasses trying to sprout in spring. If left unattended, such object will suffocate the area underneath them. As a consequence, your spring turf will grow in patches and thinner than normal. Even if it is winter, make sure you do a regular sweep of your lawn every few weeks.

4. Keep Your Driveway and Parking as Clean as Possible

It sounds like a no brainer, but there is more than the eye can see. Of course, keeping your driveway and parking area clean from snow and ice is a smart thing in and out of itself. But by doing so, you or your guests will never be tempted to park the cars directly on your lawn. Even the smallest or lightest of vehicles will leave impressions in the soil and kill of the grasses underneath the tires. It is worth to mention that parking and driving away a car on the lawn will severely damage the grasses and roots as car exhausts are unimaginable sources of pollution. Moreover, by keeping your hard surfaces clean and deiced you will not tempt people to cut across the lawn and yard in order to reach the house – foot traffic is also very harmful for the dormant lawn under the snow layer.

5. Make Sure Your Buildings are Insulated and Fixed Against Pests

In winter, most pests are searching for food sources and warm places to hide. Our lawn maintenance Lehi UT specialists recommend you frequently visit sheds, outdoor living spaces, garage, house annexes and all other outdoor structures and make sure no rats, mice, wildlife or insects find shelter in them. Rodents are particularly dangerous as they can sneak through the narrowest of cracks and can cause thousands of dollars of damages.