Not so long ago we talked about introducing colors to your overall landscape, so today we take things up a notch and discuss fragrance. Scented flowers, shrubs, trees and plants represent a miraculous addition to any property, no matter its size. If you enjoy your sparkling green lawn and you wish to fill your chest with fresh air and tantalizing natural scents, then you should consider adding fragrant plants around the property. Today, our landscaping Murray, UT specialists joined their lawn care Draper, UT colleagues and decided to give away some tips and advice on how to place fragrant vegetation around so you can benefit from it to the max.

Choose the Right Fragrant Plants

If you want to add scent besides color to your property, check with your local landscaping Murray, UT company. The specialists there will help you pick the best fragrant plants to blend in the overall landscape and teach you how to take care of them. This is what you should keep in mind:

  • Plant native fragrant vegetation as it thrives on your soil and is resilient to local climacteric conditions, weeds and pests.
  • Try to pick scented perennials and nurture them for years to come. Let your lawn care Murray, UT specialists advise you on the best fragrant perennials and implement a maintenance program including regular trimming, weed and pest control and fertilization.
  • If you don’t spend too much time at home during the day, focus on fragrant plants, vines, shrubs or trees which release their scent mostly during evenings and nights.

Fragrant Plants’ Placement

Ask your landscaping Murray, UT experts to design you a revamped landscaping project to include the new fragrant plants. These are some of the best places you can cultivate them:

  • Front Gate and Fence: climbing roses, flowery vines, jasmine, wisteria, lilac and others can guard or cover your front gate and fence to welcome you home with their intoxicating scents.
  • Doorways: every time you go through a door (house, garage, back yard, storage room, garden kiosk etc) the fragrant flowers and plants will make you feel like walking the corridors of Heaven.
  • Around the House: planting scented flowers under windows or in pots along the house’s outdoor stairs, porch, deck or balcony will offer you exquisite scents to make you feel like home, no matter if you aerate the house in the morning or you have dinner with family and friends on the terrace
  • Property Walkways and Pathways: you can plant scented herbs in between stone boards to create a scented walkway, you can border pathways with fragrant flowers or shrubs, and you can even border the driveway with hardy scented hedges for an indescribable experience.
  • Resting Places: cultivate scented plants everywhere you walk, work or rest on your property – the benches area, around patios and decks, surrounding the dinner / party area etc. Fragrance should be where you spend the most of your free time.

Pick the right fragrant vegetation for you and your property and allow your landscaping Murray, UT specialists revamp your property with scents and smells to die for.