In many parts of the country, lawn watering turned from a regular lawn and landscape activity into a national environmental problem addressed by the authorities. The latest statistics show that the largest water consumption throughout the U.S. is linked to lawn watering and a single-family household spends incredible amounts of money on water bills. In the context of resource preservations and cutting down the lawn care budget, our lawn care Midvale, UT experts gathered their landscaping Lehi, UT colleagues and came up with a short guideline in smart watering. In other words, let’s see five tips and tricks on how you can keep your beautiful lush lawn without wasting water and money!

1. Follow the Basic Watering Rules

A lawn has its own specific watering needs. They depend on the soil type, the species of grasses you grow, the sun – shade areas, the climacteric conditions of you area and so on. If you are not sure what the proper watering rules are for your own lawn, ask your local lawn care Midvale, UT team to design you a proper watering schedule. As basic rules, you should water the lawn early in the morning, not in the middle of the day and not in the evening.

1. Respect the Turf’s Recommended Mowing Height

There is a direct link between correct mowing and water saving. If you mow the lawn too low or too often it will need more water to thrive, as you expose it to sunrays, heat and weed or pest attacks. Ask your lawn care Midvale, UT providers to give you a crash course on the recommended mowing heights of the grasses growing in your lawn and follow these rules not to stress the grasses and not to waste water.

2. Make Some Mowing Direction Changes

If you see your footprints and the lawn mower wheels tracks imprinted in your lawn, there is something wrong going on. Mowing the lawn in the same direction at all times harms the turf, allows divots to form and damages the blades and the roots. Change your mowing directions and patterns as often as you can. If your grass stays healthy and strong it will need less water to recover from the physical stress you inflict upon it.

4. Be Smart With Irrigation

A high quality irrigation system installed on your property will save you water, money and effort, especially if you also have a smart watering clock or a sensor to turn on and off the sprinklers at the right time. However, before anything else, ask your local lawn care Midvale, UT experts to inspect your sprinklers’ system and find any leaks or hardware damages. A leaking irrigation system only leads to lawn over-watering and waste of water and money.

5. Mulch Your Garden

Adding a clean layer of mulch helps the soil stay moist and nourished, safe from pests and disease. Mulch lowers your lawn and garden needs of watering and keeps the landscape clean and healthy. Your local lawn care Midvale, UT specialists can help you install mulch correctly around trees, in flower beds and everywhere it is needed.