All Year Long Impeccable Landscaping Sandy UT Services: What’s the Catch?

Landscaping Sandy UTIf you take a walk around Sandy, you will see many residential neighborhoods and properties looking like 3D images built on computers for the silver screen. You may also wonder how much money those homeowners spent having plenty of landscaping contractors work for them. When it comes to Landscaping Sandy UT services, in truth, the residents are rather picky, as they want the best for their properties, their families, and the environment. What you should probably know, however, is that those amazing picture-perfect landscapes you see don’t represent the work of many landscaping companies. In fact, many of those sparkling green, lush and healthy lawns and gardens are part of our portfolio. And their owners didn’t have to pay too much either for those spectacular results.

How is this possible, you wonder? What is the catch? Long story short, we have over 35 years of experience in providing Landscaping Sandy UT services. In other words, we have lived and embraced new technological advancements, new developments in chemistry, new principles in organic sustainability, and new findings in horticulture, environmentalism, and vegetation control. One thing that stayed unchanged was our mission: to provide our clients with complete, affordable and excellent services.

How Can Our Landscaping Sandy UT Specialists Be of Aid to You?

The first thing you should know is that we offer a full range of landscaping services, so you don’t have to hire more landscaping contractors to deal with different parts of the job. We are here to take care of all your lawn and landscape needs from A to Z. And this is what we offer:

  • Certified and skilled professionals with decades of expertise and continuous training in the field.
  • The newest pieces of equipment, substances, tools and products that respect the makeup of your soil and are designed to preserve and enhance the health of your landscape and of the inhabitants.
  • Complete lawn care services, starting with weekly lawn mowing and ending with seasonal preparations and interventions
  • Fertilization: our 6 Steps Fertilization Program covers the full year and is tailored to match your lawn and landscape needs
  • Aeration and overseeding. These are seasonal proceedings which keep your soil in its best shape and at its highest quality and we make sure we respect the proper timings and use the best approaches to keeping the plants roots healthy and thriving.
  • Full landscaping services: our range of services cover flower planting, old plants replacements, edging installations, rock installations and weed barriers.
  • Spring and fall clean-ups. These seasonal services are mandatory to keep your landscape clean and healthy. Moreover, such activities come together with specific seasonal preparations to ensure a smoother transition from one season to another.

We tailor Landscaping Sandy UT installation programs and landscaping management plans to fit the needs, wishes and budgets of each individual customer. And we are also completely risk-free: we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program you can always use: if you are unhappy with our work in the slightest, have us redo the job with no extra costs! Give us a call and ask for a free estimate!