In spring, many homeowners get what specialists call “spring fever”, a feeling of enthusiasm, rush and excitement because they all entertain the idea of boosting their properties’ looks and beauty. And what better time of year than spring is there to revamp your front lawn and garden and add some landscaping elements here and there to turn the land into a glorious work of art? Our lawn care Lehi, UT specialists consider that any property, any lawn, and any landscape can be fully revamped by adding color to it. Color is meant to create focal points, to bring joy and to elicit the neighbors’ envy, among others. Today, we present you with five means of easily coloring your property and give it a fresh, attractive look, with the help of our lawn care Lehi, UT experts.

1. Add New Flowers, Trees, and Plants

Call your lawn care and landscaping Lehi, UT local team and ask them to advise you on what new flowers, hedges, bushes, trees and shrubs you should plant to pump up some color on your property. Of course, all of them should be planted wisely, so you can take advantage of their looks and of their functions as well. No matter if you go for native plants, exotic ones, vines, perennials, container flowers, fruit trees and so on, they all should enhance your property’s aesthetics and be resilient to the local climacteric conditions.

2. Add Colored Turf

Under no circumstance would we advise on grass paint! But our lawn care Lehi, UT experts do advise on mixing different shades of green turf and grasses. You can have them overseed and add turf in different colors and in different patterns. Create contrasts of light green and dark green turf and play with chess patterns, stripes patterns, concentric circles, honeycomb designs, polka dots and so on. Different shades of green add more than color and contrast to your property; they also create texture and depth on your front lawn.

3. Add Vegetables, Spices and Herbs

You can mix beauty with functionality by adding small vegetables gardens and beds here and there. Scented herbs and spices do sport brilliant colors and they make terrific additions to your summer salads and dishes. If you are environment-aware, you know that some veggies, herbs and spices go great with flowers and trees, as they act as companion plants for each other. Thus, you can create a micro-ecosystem on your property, vibrant with color and thriving in full health all year long. Imagine marigolds and tomatoes, lavender and green peppers, basil, thyme, and rosemary together with roses and so on!

4. Add Hardscape Elements

Hardscape allows functionality on a property and brings color, texture, contrast and depth to your overall landscape. Call your local landscaping Lehi, UT contractors to build you red bricks patios, gray cobblestone pathways, marble stepping stones, wooden decks and kiosks, stone or bronze fire pits, a small waterfall, water fountains and wooden privacy screens. All these elements brighten up your property and increase its curb appeal at the same time!