Mid-spring and early summer lawn care activities may seem a bit overwhelming, as there are a lot of things to do and many issues to take care of. This is the season when everything blooms and develops, so you need to keep your eyes wide open and make sure your grasses, flowers, shrubs, trees and even vegetables get the proper treatment. If you want your lawn and property to look amazing all summer long, there are a few instructions you need to keep in mind – on the preventative side of things, of course. Our lawn care Midvale, UT experts together with their landscaping Riverton, UT colleagues have put together a short guide for you.

Aeration, Watering and Mowing: The Golden Rules

  • Aeration: if you didn’t manage to aerate the soil just yet, you shouldn’t delay the process. This activity allows the water, air, light and nourishments to reach deep to the roots’ systems and allow the turf and vegetation to grow strong and healthy in order to face the summer heat successfully.
  • Watering: our lawn care Midvale, UT experts advise you to water deep, only in the morning. Never water the lawn in midday or late in the evening. You should also consider landscape irrigation installations and drip irrigation to make sure your lawn gets its necessary amount of water in due time, in the right amount and without wasting resources. The landscaping Midvale, UT experts can help you choose, install and set a proper irrigation system according to the soil type and turf variety.
  • Mowing: proper mowing means to never go lower than the grasses’ recommended mowing height and never cut more than 1/3 of the turf blades on each mowing session. Also, change your mowing directions as often as you can so you don’t stress the grass and keep it strong and healthy. Correct mowing is always performed with sharp blades, so keep your tools perfectly in shape this year.

Preventative Lawn Management

We all know prevention is a better option than the cure. Don’t get too excited about planting new flowers, building new structures and revamping the landscape while forgetting about regular property inspections and preventative lawn management activities.

  • Fertilization: chemical fertilizers react in the presence of summer heat and they can burn your soil and grasses. Pick slow release fertilizers which nourish the lawn in summer without damaging it. Keep in mind to consult with your local lawn care Midvale, UT experts on the best products to use and how to apply them. You should also consider organic fertilization, application of compost and mulch, seaweed and manure, but they should also be checked with your local landscaping Midvale, UT team as they need to match the soil type and the vegetation species you grow.
  • Weed control: you need to treat the property now, as hot temperatures clash with weed controlling chemicals. Pull the weeds when you see them and inspect the territory for weed infestations. Before you do anything rash, ask you local lawn care Midvale, UT experts to give you a hand with the implementation of a long-term summer weed control program.