Another intense summer is here, and once again your lawn will be taking a beating. And along with that, your budget will need to expand slightly so your green space will remain a refreshing sight. Get ready to spend more on watering to prevent the grass from getting dehydrated; plus, you may also need to treat your lawn to a fresh layer of “tonics” to encourage growth despite the harsh weather.

But if you want to manage the cost of your lawn or garden better this summer (and throughout the year, actually), why not consider resizing and adding more color to it? In doing so, you wouldn’t have to spend so much on frequent watering and reapplication of fertilizers. Professionals in lawn care Riverton UT property owners trust claim that not only will it be a great opportunity to cut back on lawn and garden maintenance expenses, but it’s also a cool chance to create a new look for your property.

You will still be spending some money for the resizing and design revamp of your lawn, but this effort could mean year-round savings for you. Grass can easily get stressed when it’s really hot and will require frequent and deep watering to stay healthy in the summer and throughout the year. But there are plants that thrive particularly well despite the heat; they demand very little maintenance and can keep your property looking lush and abundant even if your “green” has become smaller. If you want to know the best blooms to buy and fill your flowerbeds with that will take over those spaces that will no longer be occupied by grass, listed below are heat-loving flowers definitely worth considering.

  1. Nirvana Cascade Pink Splash vincas – They provide vibrant color and they grow abundantly in both flowerbeds and pots.
  2. Angelonias – The Serena series, in particular — they can add structure to the area with their spikes of heat-loving blooms.
  3. Lucky series lantanas – They come in a large variety of colors and proliferate really well. It’s said that during periods of low rainfall and high temperatures, the flowers’ colors will really make the landscape pop.
  4. Azure Skies heliotrope – These lavender flowers are winners when it comes to heat-tolerance, and they’re perennials so they stay lovely all throughout the year.
  5. Wendy’s Wish Salvia – The blooms hold up quite well in the summer when others are wilting. Many claim this plant will continue to bloom all the way until winter but cannot be counted on to reappear in the spring. Still, this hardy plant is nice to integrate to your flowerbed for splashes of fuchsia, magenta and purple.